VIDEO: LA Mayor Eric Garcetti Thinks We’re All Idiots

( – When someone – anyone – treats you like an idiot, they should lose your respect forever.

Los Angeles Democrat Mayor Eric Garcetti should forever lose the respect of every American given what he just did.

And, you can see what he did on the video just a bit further down this post.

Having been caught on camera last weekend at the Rams vs. 49ers playoff game not wearing a mask, Garcetti wants you to believe that he only takes it off for photographs and that he holds his breath during the photos, so there’s no danger.

Yep. Garcetti is so arrogant and thinks so little of his fellow Americans that he expects us to believe that, unlike everyone else he imposes mask mandates on, he’s special because he’s trained himself to hold his breath when he isn’t wearing a mask. And oh, by the way, he only took his mask off while being photographed.

Anyone who believes that should have their head examined.

Still, you have to watch the video below to see just how little he thinks of Americans and how he’s treating us all like we’re idiots.

Please watch the video below of Garcetti explaining what happened when he was caught on camera not wearing a mask as he has mandated for everyone else. Then email us at [email protected] with your opinion Garcetti. Thank you, and have a good day.