VIDEO: Megyn Kelly Says DeSantis Is a Coward

Megyn Kelly

( – Conservative journalist Megyn Kelly accused Florida’s Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, who many believe will run for the presidency, of being “afraid” to sit with her for an interview.

You can watch a video clip of a portion of Kelly’s remarks at the bottom of this post.

Kelly was speaking at the National Review Institute’s Ideas Summit last week when she declared that DeSantis was too scared to appear on her SiriusXM program because she was an “actual journalist.”

The veteran broadcaster said the governor of Florida wouldn’t agree to be interviewed on The Megyn Kelly Show and instead decided to appear on “basement tv.”

“There would be absolutely no reason not to come to me,” she said, as cited by the National Review.

She added that she was “not MSNBC and he knows it” since her viewers are right-wing but includes some “center-lefties.”

“There’s no reason, and I just think he’s afraid, and he has no reason to be because there’s nothing I would ask him about that I know more about than he does,” Kelly declared.

She argued further that DeSantis was “only speaking to hardcore right supporters” because “he’s a little timid.”

In her words, he doesn’t know how to deal with her since if he appeared on MSNBC and “got beat up by MSNBC,” he could claim they are “woke leftist jerks.”

Conversely, right-wing media would refuse to push Florida’s governor in the same way.

“If he comes to somebody like me, who’s an actual journalist — I’m not a hater, my vote is gettable — what’s he going to do? I’m not going to give him a pass just like I didn’t give [former president] Trump a pass,” Megyn Kelly declared.

Insisting journalists ought to be adversarial, she said she wanted a “fun, spicy, robust, tough exchange” with DeSantis.

The former NBC News and Fox News anchor forecasted that the Florida governor would eventually appear on her show.

Kelly also discussed DeSantis’s potential candidacy for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination, which many expect would be announced in May.

In her words, DeSantis has problems with his charisma, and viewers always tell her that even though he is “great” as a governor, now isn’t the time for him to run for president.

“The harder DeSantis makes it for Trump, the angrier I get at him,” viewers say, according to Kelly.

“You can’t get sucked into the belief that just because you love DeSantis and you’re done with Trump, the country is done with Trump,” the veteran conservative journalist warned.

She also warned that Trump’s base wouldn’t vote for DeSantis if the latter won the 2024 GOP nomination.

“They’re not Republicans, they’re Trumplicans. They don’t care. They’d rather see the establishment go down,” Kelly said, adding that Trump was doing a “good job” of labeling DeSantis as the establishment.

The journalist also predicted that Trump’s indictment by Manhattan’s Democrat DA would boost the former’s chances to get elected to the White House.

Here is the video clip of Megyn Kelly speaking about DeSantis.

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