VIDEO: Nikki Tears Up

( – In a rare sight, Republican nomination candidate Nikki Haley nearly cried while speaking about her military husband, who is deployed in a conflict zone overseas, as she addressed her supporters in a primary speech, making clear her refusal to quit the contest against Donald Trump.

See the video of Haley tearing up below!

In what her campaign billed as a “state of the race” speech in Greenville, South Carolina, on Tuesday, Haley displayed a moment of vulnerability as she became emotional talking about her husband’s yearlong military deployment abroad, The Washington Examiner reports.

This display of emotion by Haley follows a series of criticisms from former President Donald Trump, the former President, who recently noted that his rival’s spouse never attended her presidential campaign events.

Just days before the critical primary in South Carolina, her home state, Haley was moved to tears as she recounted her husband’s service.

“And that same vision called my husband to serve in the uniform of the United States. He’s a major in the South Carolina Army National Guard. As I prepare for what lies ahead, Michael is at the forefront of my mind,” Haley stated.

Maj. Michael Haley, her husband, was deployed with the 218th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade to the Horn of Africa in June 2023. The deployment, in the African nation of Djibouti, was his second foreign tour.

“I wish Michael was here today. And I wish our children and I could see him tonight. But we can’t,” said the former South Carolina governor and former US ambassador.

“He’s serving on the other side of the world where conflict is the norm, where terrorists hide among the innocent, where Iran’s terrorist proxies are now attacking American troops,” she added.

Earlier in the month, Trump mentioned Maj. Haley at a rally in Conway, South Carolina.

“What happened to her husband? Where is he? He’s gone,” Trump jibed.

Haley has since blasted the former president for his comments and his alleged disregard for the challenges faced by military families, themes she revisited during her speech in Greenville.

“It was hard for us to say goodbye to him the first time when he deployed to Afghanistan. It was even harder last summer when he deployed to Africa,” Haley shared.

“The kids and I know why Michael went. He stepped up to keep us safe and not just us. He stepped up to defend our nation’s freedom and our way of life,” she added.