VIDEO: Psaki Melts Down After Reporter Grills Her On Biden Border Lie

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki

( – If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video of Fox News’ Peter Doocy grilling White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki must be worth ten thousand words.

After all, the daily battles between Doocy and Psaki at the White House Press Briefings have become must-watch videos as Doocy almost always makes news with his pointed questions of Psaki.

The other day was no different when, after the news broke that an investigation concluded United States Border Patrol officers did not whip illegal aliens during an altercation last summer, Doocy pointedly asked Psaki when will Joe Biden apologize to the officers for saying he would make them “pay” — indicating Biden had already prejudged the officers and believed they had whipped the illegals and therefore he was going to punish the officers.

Specifically, Doocy asked Psaki, “We’ve been told that the mounted Border Patrol officers the President accused of whipping migrants had been notified they will not face criminal charges. So when is the President going to apologize to them?”

Psaki tried to duck Doocy’s question by saying, “There is a process and an investigation that’s gone through the Department of Homeland Security. I don’t have any update on that.”

After several more exchanges with Psaki continuing to ignore Doocy’s specific question, Doocy said, “You accused these officers of brutal and inappropriate measures now that they’ve been told they will not be criminally charged. Will you apologize?”

But Psaki — and she speaks for Biden — didn’t have the integrity to say that Biden would apologize. Instead, she stalled again with, “And Peter, there was an investigation into their behavior, so that investigation is playing out. Whenever there, it’s going to be announced, the Department of Homeland Security will announce that, and I’m sure we’ll have a comment on it after that.”

Watch the video of the exchange below and then email your opinion of what took place to [email protected]. In your opinion, does Joe Biden owe the Border Patrol officers an apology? Why or why not?