Video: Reporter Destroys Biden’s Spokesman For Spreading Lies

U.S. State Department Spokesman

( – As most patriots know, yesterday the Biden administration went to great lengths to convince the American people – indeed the world – that President Vladimir Putin and the Russian military are on the verge of conducting a “false flag operation” as a pretext to starting a war with Ukraine.

To make its case, the administration sent out a spokesman from the U.S. Department of State to create a series of allegations about Russia without providing actual evidence to support those allegations.

The administration probably felt all was going well with its dog and pony show until a reporter for the Associated Press, Matt Lee, who has been on the State Department beat for years and is well-known for having a world-class BS detector, tore into the spokesman with a series of questions challenging the spokesman to provide actual evidence.

You can watch the video of the reporter confronting the spokesman a bit further down this post.

The exchange is brutal, and as you’ll see as you watch the video, the spokesman never provided actual evidence and instead resorted to insinuating that the AP reporter is a dupe of Russia.

Yet, all the reporter was asking for was actual evidence, to which the spokesman kept saying things like, the evidence is “derived from information known to the U.S. government.”

Readers will recall that’s what Americans were told about Iraqi WMDs and why we invaded Iraq at the cost of American lives, and that was a disaster for the United States.

So, as you’ll see in the video, all the reporter was asking for – and never gets – is actual hard evidence so the U.S. doesn’t get drawn into another unnecessary war.

Please watch the video below of Biden’s State Department spokesman being grilled by a reporter and challenged to provide hard evidence that the Russians are on the verge of conducting a “false flag operation” as a pretext to starting a war with Ukraine and then email your thoughts and opinions to [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good weekend.