VIDEO: Russian Armored Gestapo Searches Phones, Facebook Feeds

Russian Riot Police

( – As unrest and protests grow at home in Russia over Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s police thugs are acting more and more like an armed Gestapo.

Watch the video a bit further down this post.

The latest tactic being employed by these storm troopers is to search Russian residents’ smartphones and social media platforms in search of any opposition to the invasion.

The “riot police” are stopping random citizens on the street and making them produce and unlock their phones for an on-the-spot investigation. Those who refuse are arrested.

There are also widespread reports of police searching the social media platforms of Russians without their knowledge or consent in an attempt to weed out those who are deemed “subversives” to Putin’s dictates.

Please watch the video below of Russian police stopping Russian citizens on the street to search their phones and share your opinion of what you observe by emailing [email protected]. Would you ever stand for that type of search in the United States of America? Would you willingly hand over your phone absent a lawful court order to do so?