VIDEO: Senate Invaded By Protesters


( – In a demonstration of their willingness to support and engage in terrorist actions, a group of radical leftists has invaded Congress and subverted a high-profile Senate hearing with chants in favor of Palestinians and the Hamas terror group and against US ally Israel.

See the video below.

Leftist and Muslim protest rallies supporting the Islamist terrorists and attacking Israel and Jews have flooded Western nations in the past few weeks – even though, on October 7, over 1,400 Israeli civilians were massacred by the Palestinian organization Hamas in a surprise invasion.

On Tuesday, a Senate hearing was abruptly interrupted as Secretary of State Antony Blinken attempted to commence his opening remarks, The Daily Caller reports.

Lefty activists advocating for Palestine disrupted the proceedings, displaying red-painted hands from the back of the room. As Blinken initiated his statement, one protester vociferously expressed concern for Palestinian children.

“Save the children now! Save the children of Gaza! Save the children of Gaza! Ceasefire now! Where is your pride, America?” the protester yelled.

Security personnel intervened to remove this individual, enabling Blinken a brief moment to proceed.

However, seconds later, a female protester, brandishing a pink-bordered sign echoing pro-Palestinian sentiments, interrupted, demanding, “Stop the brutal, brutal massacre in Gaza!”

Subsequently, Democratic Senator Patty Murray of Washington opted to halt the hearing until order could be restored. Amidst the ensuing chaos, as security personnel engaged her, the woman persisted in her outcry.

“Shame on you all! The world is crying for a ceasefire! The American people don’t want to support this brutal war!” the leftist shouted.

Approximately ten others silently showcased their red-painted hands, which escalated as a larger group rose, vocally disrupting the proceedings.

The woman, while being escorted out, continued to chant, “Ceasefire now, ceasefire now, ceasefire now!” Senator Murray then signaled Blinken to resume.

In a broader context, numerous American demonstrators are attributing Israel’s responsibility for the horrific October 7 attack by Hamas, noted for claiming the most Jewish lives in a single day since the Holocaust.

The Biden administration has expressed opposition to a ceasefire, upholding Israel’s right to self-defense. Concurrently, US officials have advised Israel to postpone any ground invasion and to facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

As of Tuesday, Hamas has released four American hostages. White House National Security Spokesperson John Kirby acknowledged the captivity of fewer than ten Americans in Gaza, though abstained from providing precise details.