VIDEO SHOCKER: MSNBC Stumbles Into The Truth About Trump

Ari Melber

( – MSNBC and show host Ari Melber will never admit it, but Melber bumbled and stumbled his way into speaking the truth about President Donald Trump while he was trying to bad mouth Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter.

You can watch the video further down this post.

Even though Musk has made it clear with repeated statements and tweets that he intends to make Twitter a free speech social media platform where all views are welcome — not just liberal views — leftists like Melber and MSNBC are trying to portray Musk as an evil villain who will ban liberals from Twitter.

So, Melber tried to scare his hard-left audience on his show by suggesting that Musk could “secretly” ban a liberal candidate for elected office and thereby impact an election.

As you’ll see in the video below, Melber said, “If you own all of Twitter…you could secretly ban one party’s candidate.”

How ironic that Melber would speak those words when the only candidates and politicians who have been banned by Twitter so far are conservatives. And, of course, the biggest name of all who was banned is none other than President Donald Trump.

So, in his own politically blind way, Melber spoke the truth about Trump while misstating what Musk intends to do with Twitter: make it a social media platform that won’t ban Trump and conservatives.

Please watch the video of Melber below and email your reaction to his comments to [email protected]. Thank you, and have a good day.