VIDEO: Staffer Tells Feinstein How to Vote

( – In a fresh embarrassment for the Democrat gerontocracy, ailing 90-year-old US Senator Dianne Feinstein — long believed to be under the control of the Deep State — started giving a speech instead of voting, prompting her staffers to intervene to tell her what to do.

You can watch a video of what happened further down this post.

Feinstein’s need to be instructed occurred at a hearing of the Senate Appropriations Committee on Thursday as she was supposed to participate in a roll call vote on the new draft defense appropriations law.

As soon as it was her turn, the six-term leftist senator was prompted to “just say aye” by a staffer and Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), the committee chairwoman.

However, she started to say that she supported a “yes” vote and began elaborating with what seemed like the beginning of a speech.

“I would like to support a yes vote on this, it provides $823 billion. That’s an increase of $26 billion for the Department of Defense and it funds priorities submitted…” Feinstein said.

Another staffer whispered to the California Democrat, telling her to say, “aye.”

“Aye,” Feinstein said eventually.

A video of the embarrassing moment quickly made its way to social media, leading a spokesperson for the senator to attribute her confusion to the fact that the meeting had become “a little chaotic.”

“Trying to complete all of the appropriations bills before recess, the committee markup this morning was a little chaotic, constantly switching back and forth between statements, votes, and debate and the order of bills. The senator was preoccupied, didn’t realize debate had just ended, and a vote was called. She started to give a statement, was informed it was a vote and then cast her vote,” the spokesperson explained.

Earlier this year, Feinstein, ten years the senior of 80-year-old President Joe Biden and a Senate member since 1990, announced she wouldn’t run for a seventh term in 2024.

The announcement came amid growing reports of her declining mental acuity and multiple cases of confusion. Over the spring, she was absent from Congress for two months to be treated for shingles.

Since her return to work, Feinstein has been getting around the US Capitol in a wheelchair.

“I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working,” the elderly Democrat told reporters shortly after coming back to the nation’s capital in another embarrassing episode.

Here is the video: