VIDEO: ‘Stone Cold Dead’

United States and Mexican Flags

( – 2024 GOP presidential nomination hopeful Ron DeSantis has vowed to establish “adequate rules of engagement” for US law enforcement at the Southern Border that would leave invading Mexican drug cartel members “stone-cold dead.”

DeSantis made the “stone cold dead” vow for cartel members twice in the past few days – first on Monday, during a visit at the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas, and then during a town hall in Hollis, New Hampshire.

You can watch a video of DeSantis’s remarks at the bottom of this post.

During his speech in Eagle Pass, Florida’s governor described the current situation at the existing wall sections on the US-Mexican border and how the Mexican drug cartels overcame it.

“The drug cartels actually cut through these really strong metal beams – and you’d have these guys with the backpacks, and they scurry right in through the wall. And I’m just thinking to myself, ‘How can a country allow that?'” the Florida governor wondered.

He vowed to empower US law enforcement to fend off the cartels at the border if elected president.

“We are going to create adequate rules of engagement. If somebody were breaking into your house to do something bad, you would respond with force. Yet, why don’t we do that at the Southern Border?” DeSantis asked.

“So if the cartels are cutting through the border wall trying to move product into this country, they are going to end up stone-cold dead as a result of that bad decision. And if you do that one time, you are not gonna see them mess with our wall ever again,” said the presidential hopeful.

He later reiterated his promise for a crackdown on organized crime at the Southern Border in Hollis, New Hampshire, to the applause of the town hall audience, FloridaPolitics reports.

“If these cartels are breaking into a wall and cutting a piece out of the wall and moving product in, that’s going to be the last thing that those people have ever done because they’re going to end up stone-cold dead,” DeSantis declared.

At Eagle Pass, he unveiled his “aggressive” anti-illegal immigration agenda, including ending birthright citizenship for illegal aliens, finishing the border wall, and fighting the cartels in Mexico.

Here is the video: