VIDEO: Students Physically Insult Biden

Joe Biden

( – In a new public humiliation for Joe Biden, a group of students at Morehouse College exhibited a symbolic protest by turning their backs to the president during his commencement address in Atlanta.

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This act underscores the declining support for the 81-year-old president among black voters, The New York Post observes in a report.

During his speech at the historically black, all-male college — a first visit amidst nationwide anti-Israel protests at educational institutions — Biden affirmed his stance on peaceful protests.

“I support peaceful nonviolent protest,” he stated, addressing the graduates, some of whom visually expressed dissent by turning away.

“Your voices should be heard. I promise you I hear them,” Biden added, addressing many attendees who wore the kaffiyeh, a scarf symbolizing solidarity with Palestinian Arabs in the Gaza Strip.

The president directly addressed the conflict involving Israel and its war on Islamist terrorist organization Hamas, acknowledging the severe humanitarian situation in Gaza.

“It’s a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, that’s why I’ve called for an immediate ceasefire. I know it angers and frustrates many of you, including in my family,” Biden declared.

Campus leaders had anticipated possible protests, recalling recent walkouts and demonstrations against other speakers, such as comedian Jerry Seinfeld.

Additionally, an online letter by some Morehouse alumni criticized the administration for inviting Biden, arguing that his policies on Israel supported what they described as genocide, contradicting the pacifist principles championed by Martin Luther King Jr., a notable alumnus.

Reportedly, several faculty members also chose to skip the president’s speech.

In a poignant moment before Biden’s address, Morehouse Valedictorian Deangelo Fletcher, adorned with a Palestinian flag pin, advocated for a “immediate and a permanent ceasefire” in Gaza, receiving a standing ovation — an accolade Biden joined in.

During his speech, Biden lamented the tragedies unfolding in Gaza and Israel.

“What’s happening in Gaza and Israel is heartbreaking,” he said, reiterating his call for a ceasefire aimed at ending the violence and facilitating negotiations.

He also spoke of his efforts towards a two-state solution, aiming to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Recent polls indicate Biden’s waning support among black Americans, with only 55% approving of his job performance, a stark contrast to the overwhelming support in the 2020 elections.

To reconnect with this critical voter base, Biden highlighted his initiatives, including a significant funding proposal for historically black colleges and universities and the Supreme Court appointment of Ketanji Brown Jackson.

Towards the end of his address, Biden expressed confidence that a Morehouse alumnus could one day become president, humorously noting that it would follow an alumna from Howard University, referencing Vice President Kamala Harris.

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