VIDEO: Suicide Bombing; Police Body Cam

( – In a bizarre case of what has been judged to be a suicide bombing, the police have concluded that a 56-year-old man from Arlington, Virginia, was responsible for an explosion that resulted in his death and the demolition of his residence, with body cam footage showing the development.

See the police body cam footage below!

The blast occurred in the Bluemont neighborhood on December 4, 2023. This conclusion comes from the recently published findings of the post-blast analysis, Patch reports.

“After a thorough and comprehensive investigation was conducted, our investigators determined the incident was an intentional act by the decedent and has been classified as incendiary,” stated Loannis Douroupis, the agent in charge at ATF’s Washington Field Office, during a press conference at the end of last week.

According to Douroupis, the explosion was triggered in the basement of the house by vapors from gasoline that James Yoo had stored there.

The investigation revealed several potential ignition sources at the scene, including shotguns, a pistol, multiple flare guns, and possibly matches or a lighter.

Authorities clarified on Friday that the deployment of tear gas and pepper spray by police shortly before the blast did not cause the fire.

In the debris of the destroyed home, two 5-gallon containers and one 20-25 gallon container of gasoline were discovered, Douroupis reported. He mentioned that Yoo might have used matches or a lighter to ignite the gasoline, according to a statement reported by WTOP.

The investigation involved multiple agencies, including the Arlington County Police, Northern Virginia Critical Incident Response Team, Arlington County Fire Department, the Arlington County Fire Marshal, ATF, and FBI.

A timeline of the events leading to the catastrophic explosion was posted by ACPD on its YouTube page.

On the day of the incident, local residents near Fields Park reported hearing sounds resembling gunshots or fireworks. Responding officers pinpointed a home from which someone was discharging flares.

“The officers on the scene assessed all available information and made the decision to use available police resources, our SWAT team and negotiators, to execute the search warrant to safely resolve this incident,” remarked Police Chief Andy Penn.

He added that precautions were taken to minimize the risk of fire, given the presence of flammable materials.

Upon breaching the home’s front door with an armored vehicle, Yoo responded by firing several shots.

According to Penn, the situation was perceived as an escalation by Yoo, prompting the officers to deploy non-pyrotechnic munitions, including pepper spray and tear gas, over the course of approximately eight and a half minutes.

“The last munition was deployed approximately one minute and 11 seconds prior to the explosion,” Penn stated. He emphasized that the munitions used were designed not to ignite, explode, or start fires.

At 8:24 p.m., the house was obliterated by the explosion, causing shockwaves throughout Arlington. Emergency personnel evacuated nearby residents, and firefighters managed to extinguish the fire by 10:30 p.m.

The remains of Yoo were located within the house. There were no reported injuries to emergency responders or citizens in the vicinity.

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