VIDEO: Teacher Makes White Students Apologize to Black Kids


( – There can be no doubt that citizen and parent anger over the liberal, socialist, and communist nonsense that is being taught and imposed in public school systems all across the United States of America played a significant role in conservative gains during the elections last November.

One look no further than Virginia where Republicans took back the Governor’s Mansion – and won many down-ballot races – because citizens and parents were fed up with Critical Race Theory, and other subjects that have nothing to do with a good, sound education, was being taught and imposed on public school students in that state.

But, as far as conservatives are concerned, the battle is far from over.

By way of example, watch the videos below of two parents giving first-hand testimony about young white students being forced to apologize to black students for being white and being forced to participate in “white privilege” walks.

After watching the videos below, please email [email protected] and share your reaction and opinions about what you saw and heard these parents say. Thank you, and have a good day.