Video: Teacher Proves Critical Race Theory Is in Our Schools

School Teacher Frank McCormick

( – Frank McCormick is a school teacher who is tired of the lies told about whether or not Critical Race Theory is taught in American schools. He has decided to risk being fired and expose what he has personally witnessed and the evidence he has gathered in the video further down this page.

Here’s how McCormick introduces his must-watch expose of his school district teaching Critical Race Theory:

“My name is Frank McCormick. I’m a high school history teacher in the largest high school in Illinois. I’m sick of watching schools lie to the American people. I’m going to expose my school district to show the American people what Critical Race Theory looks like in education. And, to illustrate their absolute dishonesty.”

While acknowledging that his video will mean the end of his teaching career and pension, McCormick goes on to publicly display emails and actions within his school district that prove that Critical Race Theor is most definitely being taught in his school system despite the public denials by officials in the district.

McCormick has many examples that show what is happening and that there is no reason not to believe it is happening all over the United States.

McCormick concludes his expose by saying, in part, “That these ideas are being planted in young minds is extremely dangerous. It’s an abuse of the power and authority we vest in teachers. It’s political grooming.” [emphasis by editor]

Watch the video of school teacher Frank McCormick below and email us with your reaction and opinion at [email protected]. Do you agree with McCormick that Critical Race Theory is being taught to school children in the United States? Why or why not? Do you believe Critical Race Theory should or shouldn’t be taught in American schools?

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