VIDEO: Texas Gov. Accuses Biden of Killing Illegals

Greg Abbott

( – The blame for the recently discovered deaths of 53 illegal immigrants smuggled into the United States in a tractor-trailer lies with President Joe Biden, according to the Republican Governor of Texas, Greg Abbott.

You can watch a video of Abbott’s remarks further down this post.

Abbott blasted Biden for what he said has been insufficient funding for Customs and Border Patrol on the president’s watch, which led to human traffickers being able to sneak migrants into America in container trucks.

The Texas Governor’s comments came after the discovery of the corpses of 53 illegals in San Antonio, Texas, earlier this week due to heat exposure after being abandoned and trapped inside by their smugglers became the deadliest such case in America’s history.

“President Biden was warned in advance that reduced border enforcement would lead to dire consequences, and we have seen those dire consequences,” Abbott said during a press conference in Eagle Pass, Texas, as cited by KERA News.

He insisted that trucks packed full of illegal immigrants can cross into the US undetected simply because the Border Patrol agency remains understaffed.

“Many of these deaths could be prevented if Biden simply fully funded the Border Patrol operation of the United States of America,” emphasized the Texas Governor.

In March, President Joe Biden did ask Congress to increase CBP’s budget by 13%, which would include the hiring of additional 300 officers to the 60,000-strong federal agency.

Abbott has been a vocal critic of Biden’s policy to shy away from strict measures against the massive influx of illegal immigrants through the Southern Border. In 2021 alone, the United States saw a record 2.035 million illegal immigrants who were intercepted, plus another 1.08 million in the first five months of 2022.

In the first 17 months of Biden’s presidency, more than 1 million have been released inside the United States.

“Because of the way that the Biden administration is not enforcing immigration laws, it’s attracting people and enticing people to make this very dangerous trek and lose their lives,” the Texas Governor said.

Abbott has been striving to employ various security measures on the level of the state of Texas to tackle the influx of illegals. That included an initiative to inspect every commercial truck crossing the border. However, the governor ended following guarantees from several states in Northern Mexico for inspections on the Mexican side.

Here is the video: