Video: This Testimony Must Set Kyle Rittenhouse Free

( – Happening Now: Based on under-oath testimony yesterday in the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial, numerous legal experts who are watching every minute of the trial say that Kyle must be found not guilty.

In fact, given what happened yesterday – and you can watch the video below – numerous criminal defense experts are unequivocal in stating that a “directed verdict” should be rendered on Kyle’s behalf.

A directed verdict is when the judge intervenes and does not let a criminal charge go to the jury because the evidence is so overwhelming that the judge issues the verdict. In this case, the experts believe the judge should intervene and enter a directed verdict of not guilty.

To be specific, here’s what happened, as you will see in the video below of the critical piece of testimony.

Gaige Grosskreutz, who prosecutors allege is a victim because Kyle shot him in the arm, was on the witness stand. Under cross-examination by Kyle’s attorney, Grosskreutz admitted that he aimed HIS gun directly at Kyle BEFORE Kyle shot him.

Here it is word for word:

Defense attorney to Grosskreutz: “It wasn’t until you pointed your gun at [Kyle], advanced on him, with your gun and your hands now pointed at him, that he fired, right?

Grosskreutz: CORRECT.

Here’s the video.

Having read the testimony and/or watched the video, what is your opinion. Should Kyle be found not guilty?

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