VIDEO: Truck Mows Down Pedestrians; Multiple Casualties

( – BREAKING NOW: The driver of a pickup truck that mowed down several pedestrians while trying to flee police is facing serious jail time.

According to the Georgia State Patrol, the tragedy occurred after the driver engaged in dangerous stunts at a busy intersection.

You can witness what happened by watching the video further down this post.

The video first shows a halt in traffic flow at an intersection as several cars perform donuts, with their drivers and occupants leaning out of the windows.

Many spectators can be seen within the road watching the spectacle.

Within moments, a Georgia State Patrol officer arrives to stop the gathering, leading the crowd to scatter.

Attempting to flee, the driver of a black Ford F-150, who was actively performing donuts, struck and ran over multiple bystanders, officials state.

The video shows the police officer employing a PIT maneuver to stop the truck. The officer exits his vehicle, weapon drawn, leaps onto the hood of his patrol car, pulls the driver from the truck through the driver’s window, and arrests the driver while still on top of his patrol car.

Here is the video: