VIDEO: Trucker Hangs Off Bridge

( – In a sudden turn of events, dramatic dashcam footage recently shown in court captured the terrifying moment a semi-truck driver was left hanging over the Ohio River.

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26-year-old Sydney Thomas was navigating the Clark Memorial Bridge when her vehicle was struck by a pickup truck, causing her semi to crash through the guardrail and hang precariously over the water.

The distressing footage was shown in court this week as the pickup driver, 33-year-old Trevor Branham, faced charges related to the crash.

In the video, Branham’s truck is seen swerving to dodge a stalled car, subsequently colliding with Thomas’s semi.

The impact forced Thomas’s truck through the bridge’s barrier, which left her suspended over the river in her cab for about 30 minutes.

Branham has been charged with four counts of wanton endangerment and operating on a suspended license.

According to witnesses, he was speeding and weaving through traffic prior to the crash, eventually hitting a stalled vehicle and another car carrying two passengers before colliding with the semi.

Assistant County Attorney Liem Sokhon presented the dashcam footage as critical evidence against Branham in court, saying, “This is the result, manifesting extreme indifference to human life, that could result in serious physical injury or death.”

As the rescue for Thomas was underway, police arrested Branham, who was already facing charges for driving on a suspended license in Indiana. His lawyer, Scott Barton, argued for lesser charges and pointed out that there were no serious injuries or deaths.

The arrest report criticized Branham’s reckless driving, noting he “drove the vehicle under circumstances manifesting extreme indifference to the value of human life, placing himself and other motors at risk for serious physical injury or death.’

Moreover, the rescue operation for Thomas involved Louisville firefighter Bryce Carden, who was lowered by crane to her dangling truck. Carden described the rescue, saying, ‘She was praying a lot and I prayed with her. We’ve done some crazy things, but this tops it all.’

Carden managed to cut Thomas free from her seatbelt, secure her into a harness, and lift her to safety.

Reflecting on the experience, Carden added, ‘In the moment, you don’t really think about it. Your training takes over. Everything slows down and you concentrate on what needs to be done.’

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