VIDEO: Trump Attacked

( – In a move that proves he has decided to attack President Donald Trump every time he is given the opportunity, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who claims he is a Republican and who used to support Trump, viciously besmirched Trump during an appearance on Fox News.

Christie attacked Trump as “not competent and qualified to be president.”

You can see a video clip of Chris Christie’s attack further down this post.

According to Christie, when asked, “If [Trump] becomes the nominee, do you all become friends again, does he offer you a cabinet post again, do you all clean this up if he becomes the nominee?”

“I don’t think so. I think some of the stuff he’s called me over the last few months; I don’t think that’s gonna happen. And that’s sad. But it is the truth of the matter, and it’s his doing.”

Asked, “But you’re not closing the door to voting for him?”

“No, I’m saying I can’t support him. I can’t support either one of them. Not Biden or Trump because they’re not competent and qualified to be president — for different reasons — Joe Biden predominantly because of his age and what we see on TV.”

Here is the video clip of Chris Christie: