VIDEO: Trump Destroys Another World Leader, ‘I Sent Her A Little White Flag’

Donald Trump

( – Some like his style, and some don’t. But, it is a fair bet that history will record former President Donald J. Trump as one of the most combative politicians of his generation and that his combativeness was often the correct tactic in dealing with world leaders.

Watch the video below for a case in point.

In a recent interview, Trump recounts that he sent German Chancellor Angela Merkel ‘a little gift of a white flag’ to signal that she had surrendered to Russia after she signed the Nord Stream 2 agreement with Russia. An agreement that Trump vehemently opposed.

“I preached loud and clear to [German Chancellor] Angela Merkel, you’re making a tremendous deal by making this deal with Russia, with Nord Stream 2. And until I came along, nobody knew what Nord Stream 2 was, and you guys know that. I was telling her loud and clear and publicly. And in fact, I sent to her something as a little gift. It was a white flag. It was a flag of surrender. She said, ‘but what is this?’ I said, ‘that’s a flag of surrender, so that when Russia gets hostile.’ Which they have.”

Please watch the video clip below and then email [email protected] with your reaction. In your opinion, was Trump right about Nord Stream 2 and most of Europe was wrong?