VIDEO: Trump Rips DeSantis a New One

( – Donald Trump went all out on slamming his closest 2024 GOP nomination competitor, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, by telling him to go home and not waste Republicans’ money with his presidential candidacy.

Trump’s attack on DeSantis occurred in his speech on Saturday at the Turning Point USA Action conference in Florida.

You can watch a video clip from the speech further down this post.

“We are totally dominating DeSantis right here in the state of Florida. So we want him to get home and take care of insurance because you have the highest insurance in the nation,” the former president declared, as cited by NBC News.

He touted his massive lead over the Florida governor, arguing that DeSantis’ donors are abandoned him.

“All the money that he’s using now is stopped because all of the people that were supporting him … they’re saying, hey, wait a minute, you’re down by 57 points. You know, they may like him or they may not, but they don’t want somebody that’s down 57 points. They’re not stupid people,” Trump said, as cited by The Insider.

“In fact, all of a sudden, I’m getting calls from people. They say, ‘You know, sir, I just called to say hello.’ I said ‘I thought you were a DeSantis follower,’” the GOP frontrunner said.

He added that the Republican nomination race had not been very competitive to date.

“It was never that close, by the way. I don’t know why he’s not here. He should be here representing himself,” Trump said regarding DeSantis.

Before his TPUSA conference speech, Trump’s address was leaked by Breitbart News. According to the leaked remarks, he would have attacked DeSantis even harder for “dividing” the Republicans with his candidacy.

“All the money he is using for a hopeless cause, his election, should be used to support the party winning against Crooked Joe Biden in November 2024,” Trump’s leaked remarks said.

The DeSantis campaign issued a statement on Saturday, rebuffing the former president’s comments.

“Governor DeSantis spent the day with Iowans and spoke to a packed house at the Tennessee G.O.P. Statesman Dinner later that night,” said campaign press secretary Bryan Griffin.

“This was a day after he delivered the strongest interview at the Family Leadership Summit, which Donald Trump notably skipped. Ron DeSantis is campaigning to win,” he added.

Here is the video clip: