Video: Tucker Carlson Reveals New York Times Hypocrisy For Jan 6th Story

Tucker Carlson

( – In the video a bit further down this post, Tucker Carlson of Fox News reports – based on undercover video filmed by Project Veritas using tactics Carlson admits he has “mixed feelings” about – that a New York Times reporter, who has written extensively about what Carlson alleges is the truth concerning the events of January 6th, was caught admitting there were a “ton of FBI informants” present at the Capitol on January 6th.

While that fact is not surprising to those who understand the FBI has successfully and repeatedly developed informants within what it believes are domestic, extremist, right-wing organizations ever since Timothy McVeigh and his associates bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in 1995 – killing 168 Americans including 19 children in a daycare facility – it is still a jaw-dropping admission from a New York Times reporter.


Because, as Carlson points out in the video below, it demonstrates tremendous hypocrisy on the part of the New York Times, which has not published what the reporter is caught saying on the undercover video.

Here’s the video.

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