VIDEO: Watch A Rocket Take Down A Russian Attack Helicopter

Russian Helicopter Shot Down

( – As you’ll see in the dramatic video below, Lucas Tomlinson, the Pentagon correspondent for Fox News, has tweeted a video clip of a Russian military helicopter being shot down over Ukraine.

The helicopter was part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s military force that Putin has ordered to invade Ukraine, a free and sovereign country.

As you’ll see in the video, the Russian helicopter was traveling across the Ukrainian countryside when Ukrainian forces successfully launched an anti-aircraft missile and scored a direct hit on the chopper.

The helicopter immediately explodes into a ball of flames before crashing and continuing to burn.

It’s doubtful that any Russian troops on board the helicopter survived.

Please watch the video below of a Russian helicopter being shot down by Ukrainian forces defending their country against the Russian invasion that Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered and email [email protected] with your reaction and opinion. Do you support the Ukrainians or the Russians in this deadly war? Thank you in advance for your response. We read all emails and respect all respectfully offered thoughts and opinions.