VIDEO: Watch this 52-y/o man get robbed in liberal stronghold

( – EYEWITNESS VIDEO: How dangerous is it on the streets of America these days as crime continues to escalate at a record pace? It’s so dangerous that peaceful, law-abiding Americans are robbed at gunpoint in broad daylight by thugs who seemingly have no fear that the police will catch them or, even if caught, face little chance of going to prison for any meaningful period of time.

And, this is most especially true in the liberal strongholds across the United States of America, where socialist and communist policies like Defund the Police have encouraged criminals to commit brazen acts of violence.

Liberal strongholds like San Francisco, California, where, as you’ll see in the two videos below, pedestrians are assaulted, pistol-whipped, and robbed while just walking down the street.

Watch the two videos below and then share your reaction by emailing tod[email protected]. Do you believe violent crime has been rising in the United States of America ever since Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were put in office? Do you think the policies and laws used and passed by Democrats encourage criminals to attack Americans? We welcome your opinions and appreciate all feedback. Thank you, and have a good day.

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