VIDEO: Watch This Idiot Try To Steal a Bike

( – More often than not, stupid, moronic, idiotic criminals do stupid, moronic, idiotic criminal acts, and fortunately, they often run into trouble because they are stupid, moronic idiots.

Here’s a perfect example that you can watch and witness in the video below.

And, it’s a darn funny example to boot.

Watch the video below (by clicking on the arrow in the middle of the tweet) as a moron tries to steal a bicycle only to discover the hard way that the bike was better protected than he imagined – or bothered to figure out. That is, if he was intellectually capable of figuring out just how secure the bike was.

He walks up to the bike, thinks he has an easy score and that he’ll just ride off on the bike only to, well, you’ll see.

Feel free to hit reply on your email and let us know what you think and if you’re glad the potential thief got what he had coming to him for trying to steal something that didn’t belong to him and was paid for with someone else’s hard-earned money. Have you ever witnessed such a stupid, idiotic criminal in your life?

Here’s the video.

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