Video: While the World Burns This Is What Pelosi and Cronies Are Doing

Nancy Pelosi

( – Many correctly argue that it has been decades since the world was as close to World War Three as it is today.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir making it clear that his greater goal is to create a new Russian Empire, it would only take one errant move on the part of the adversaries for the current war in Ukraine to go global.

All members of NATO, including the United States, are on record saying that if Russia attacks any NATO country, NATO countries will respond as one.

So, with all of that on the line — not to mention a host of other domestic issues like illegal immigration and runaway inflation — what was U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and her socialist cronies up to this week? Reading poems.

And not just any poems, but at least one poem by the rock star Bono of U2.

You can watch the video a bit further down this post, including Pelosi reading the following words:

Ireland’s sorrow and pain
Is now the Ukraine
And Saint Patrick’s name now Zelenskyy

Evidently, Pelosi believed that was the most essential action she could be taking at that moment.

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