VIDEO: White House Press Sec Said WHAT?!

Karine Jean-Pierre

( – In an astonishing statement from behind the podium in the White House Press Briefing Room, Joe Biden’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, complained that busing and flying illegal aliens out of border states and into other states is “putting a lot of pressure on these states and local areas.”

As one pundit noted, border state Governors argue that is actually the point — to share the pressure that has always been the burden of the border states alone.

You can watch the video of Karine Jean-Pierre just a bit further down this post.

According to Jean-Pierre:

“I’ve said it many times from here, repeatedly, from this podium, that busing or flying migrants around the country without any coordination with the federal government — we’ve talked about this — state or local officials as well, is dangerous and unacceptable. And we’ll continue to be very, very clear about that. It is dangerous and unacceptable because you’re putting people’s lives at risk. And it’s dangerous & unacceptable because you’re actually putting a lot of pressure on these states and local areas.”

Here is the video:

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