Video: World’s Meanest Woman Captured on Camera

Woman Steals From a Child

( – What is it about holiday shopping that brings the worst out of some Americans. Americans who act like rabid animals while trying to get a special discount on some item that is, more often than not, a piece of garbage anyway, and that’s the reason the retailer has it heavily discounted.

We’ve all seen the videos. On Black Friday or even Thanksgiving Day, Americans charge into a store, elbowing others out of the way, even throwing fists, to be one of the few to grab a “special” discounted toy or electronic item that they just “must” have.

Well, in the video below, a woman who deserves to be called the meanest woman alive – (At least for today. Someone will probably top her tomorrow) – literally steals the “special” item that a bunch of “consumers” are fighting over right out the hands of a little child.

C’mon. Does it get any lower than what this woman does? Is there anything so valuable at any of these sales that someone would be justified to steal it right out of the hands of a child?

Watch the video below and then share your thoughts by emailing [email protected] and telling us what should happen to the woman stealing the boxed item from the child. What would you have done if you were the child’s parent or witnessed this behavior?

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