WATCH: 12-Year-Old Hero

( – A 12-year-old boy rushed to rescue a one-day-old baby deer after the fawn accidentally fell in the family’s backyard pool in Long Island, with the heroic deed caught on video.

You can watch the video of the rescue at the bottom of this post.

The video posted on social media by the boy’s father, Greg Masaitis, shows how his son pulls the helpless baby deer out of the water not once but twice.

The footage starts as the teen and his father observe a newborn deer approaching their backyard pool.

As the animal reaches the pool’s edge, she suddenly slips and falls into the water.

Masaitis first warns his son to wait and see if the baby deer can get out of the pool on its own.

When that doesn’t happen, the father gives him the green light, and the boy rushes in to help. The parent follows him to the pool, filming what happens next.

The footage captures the moment after the fawn has come to its sense in the water and already manages to swim quite well. As she approaches the edge, the boy reaches out, grabs the animal, and sets her on the ground.

However, the shaky baby deer quickly slips and falls into the water a second time, with the boy once again coming to her rescue.

Even so, the newborn fawn starts wobbling and falls a few times before deciding to lie on the ground.

The boy and his father figure out that they should back up to allow the deer’s mother to come and be reunited with her lost child.

Masaitis is heard warning his son that the mother wouldn’t be too happy when a human touched her baby.

After failing to achieve coordination in walking, the baby deer remains lying down and gives out high-pitched squeaks. The boy describes those as “adorable.”

According to a report by CNN, the baby deer was reunited with her mother about an hour after the pool incident.

Here is the video of the rescue: