Whistleblower Guts Hunter and Joe Biden

Joe and Hunter Biden

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In his first public testimony, IRS whistleblower Gary Shapley made damning revelations about how the Biden Justice Department and the FBI practically crushed the federal probe into Hunter Biden and protected him and potentially Joe Biden from severe criminal charges.

Shapley testified on Wednesday before three GOP-led House Committees, making striking, far-reaching claims, as outlined by The New York Post:

  • That President Joe Biden’s role in his son’s murky foreign business affairs was never investigated;
  • That Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland “lied,” and he did prevent Delaware US Attorney David Weiss from charging Hunter Biden in Washington, DC, and California;
  • That Hunter Biden had been tipped off about a planned joint FBI-IRS search and interrogation and avoided those;
  • That the investigators in the five-year-long probe of Hunter Biden weren’t allowed to interview members of the Biden family;
  • That the investigators weren’t provided with essential documents such as the FBI informant file claiming Joe and Hunter Biden were bribed with $10 million by a wanted pro-Russian Ukrainian oligarch and materials from the first son’s so-called “laptop from hell.”

Shapley spoke before the House Oversight, Justice, and Ways and Means Committees together with his subordinate and fellow whistleblower Joe Ziegler, who revealed his identity at the congressional hearing.

Both are IRS criminal investigators with over a dozen years each. In his opening statement, the latter disclosed that he was a “gay Democrat married to a man.”

According to Shapley, the real person in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation was DC US Attorney Matthew Graves, not Delaware US Attorney David Weiss.

“After US Attorney for DC Matthew Graves, appointed by President Biden, refused to bring charges, I watched Mr. Weiss tell a room full of senior FBI and IRS investigators on October 7, 2022, that he was ‘not the deciding person on whether charges are filed,’” the IRS whistleblower stated.

A report by The National Review notes Graves’s wife, Fatima Gross Graves, a “vocal” leftist activist, has been inside the White House at least 28 times since Biden took over, including ten times in the first quarter of 2023 alone.

Shapley and Ziegler told Congress they demanded felony tax charges against Hunter Biden.

However, in a probation-only deal with the Justice Department last month, the first son got only two tax misdemeanors and a hanging charge for “gun possessing while intoxicated,” thus serving no prison time.