Woke School Board Gets A Wake-Up Call

Ousted School Board Members

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – Even in far-left San Francisco, California, residents are fed up with the socialists and communists who populate so many school boards across the United States of America.

Average hard-working Americans are tired of socialist nonsense and “woke” teachings being jammed into the heads of schoolchildren who know no better than what their teachers put before them.

Fortunately, more and more parents are paying attention to what is happening in public school systems. They are taking appropriate action by recalling school board members who are far out of the mainstream regarding what parents want their children to learn in school classrooms.

As we said at the top, even San Franciso residents and voters are taking action.

As The Post Millennial is reporting today in “San Francisco school board members ousted in landslide recall vote“:

“San Francisco has recalled three members of the city’s school board after a vote Tuesday showed that residents were overwhelmingly in favor of yanking the progressives from their posts. Asian-American voters turned out in large numbers to remove the school board members, who many saw as anti-Asian due to their changes in admissions standards and their public comments…

“The recall had been brewing since January 2021, when parents were finally fed up with the shuttering of San Francisco schools during the coronavirus pandemic and bemoaned the slow reopening efforts made by the board. The school board, at the time, was entrenched in symbolic gestures to rename schools in the name of equity, and destroying the academic standards at the city’s prestigious Lowell High School.

“The board sought to rename Abraham Lincoln High School because they claimed black lives did not matter to him. They sought to rename schools named for America’s first president and legendary general George Washington…” [emphasis added]

Hopefully, as has now happened in San Franciso and several other communities across the United States, many more “woke,” ultra-liberal school board members across this once great nation will be removed by the voters so that schools can return to teaching traditional American lessons.

Please share your opinion and thoughts about this news by emailing [email protected]. Do you believe more school board members in the United States need to be recalled? Why or why not?