Democrats: Anyone But Biden

( – Joe Biden has received a new blow, this time from inside his party, as a Democrat congressman mulling a 2024 presidential bid declared a failure to challenge the president would be “disastrous” for the left.

US Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota told the CBS News program “Face the Nation” that he was mulling a 2024 presidential nomination candidacy, but other Democrats should also “jump in” the race since the leftist voters were seeking choices other than Joe Biden.

“Democrats are telling me that they want not a coronation, but they want a competition,” stated Phillips, who is in his third term in the US House of Representatives.

The New York Times poll from this week shows 55 percent of Democratic voters want some alternatives to the current people in the primary,” the Democrat lawmaker added, as cited by Mediate.

He dwelled on how the ramifications of failing to offer more choices to the leftist voters would be devastating for the Democratic Party.

“If we don’t hear that call, shame on us. And the consequences, I believe, are going to be disastrous. So my call is to those who are well positioned, well-prepared, have good character and competency — they know who they are — to jump in. Because Democrats and the country need competition,” Phillips insisted.

Presently, the only other candidates for the 2024 Democrat presidential nomination besides the incumbent are environmental lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and self-help author, Marianne Williamson.

The report says they are both deemed “fringe candidates” even though RFK Jr. has polled about 15% support.

“I don’t believe him to be a Democrat,” Phillips said of Kennedy.

While he called for challenging Joe Biden, the Minnesota US lawmaker praised the president, stressing the need for more options wasn’t about him.

“I love the man. He is competent, he is honorable. His integrity, I believe, is unvarnished,” he stated regarding Biden.

“This is not about him. This is about listening to people. And I’m afraid in this bubble here in Washington, people get real tone deaf real fast. And we should be listening. That’s what this is about. It’s my call to action,” Phillips concluded.