Biden Running Out of Time

( – The left seems increasingly set to suffer one of its most spectacular defeats in recent years as President Joe Biden appears to be running out of time to make up for falling behind former President Donald Trump in key battleground states months before the election, according to a report.

For several months, Biden has seen unfavorable polling figures from key voter segments that played a significant role in his 2020 victory. He generally remains behind Trump in both national and swing-state polls.

Recent surveys from states such as Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and North Carolina reveal that Biden’s lead among independents, young people, black voters, and Hispanics has diminished compared to the previous election cycle, with Trump now leading in some demographics, The Daily Caller points out in a report.

Ron Faucheux, president of the Clarus Research Group, a nonpartisan polling firm, emphasized the importance of every vote in tightly contested states, particularly highlighting independents as a decisive factor.

“In close states, every vote matters. Usually, independents are the ballgame,” he said.

A notable finding from an Arizona Emerson College survey shows Trump ahead of Biden by 53% to 47% among independent voters. Similar trends are observed in other states, with Trump leading by varying margins among independents in Nevada, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina, as per different polls.

For instance, a Marist poll suggests Trump leads Biden 52% to 46% among independents in North Carolina.

In contrast to 2020, where Biden held a lead over Trump among independents in several of these states, recent polling indicates a shift.

Trump has also seen increased support among young voters in states like Georgia and Michigan, with a narrower gap in others compared to the last election.

“These numbers suggest Joe Biden will be shuffling through a dark room filled with political mousetraps and he’s likely to trip most of them between now and November,” Veteran Republican strategist Mark Weaver commented.

Weaver elaborated on the potential challenges Biden faces, including balancing support among various groups that could impact his standing with independents, Jewish voters, Muslim voters in key states, as well as younger voters and older voters across crucial regions.

Biden maintains a substantial lead among black voters, though with reduced margins in several states compared to the previous election cycle.

Biden’s support among Hispanic voters in some swing states has also shown signs of weakening, with closer margins in states like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Nevada compared to his 2020 performance.

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