College Builds Wall Why?!


( – Morgan State University, a historically black college in Baltimore, has made an announcement regarding its security measures. Following a mass shooting this month, which injured five people during homecoming celebrations, the university revealed plans to construct a wall around most of its campus.

This shooting, as Fox 5 reported, was not intended for the five Morgan State students who were injured, and both suspects involved in the incident were identified as black.

During a town hall meeting, President David Wilson clarified that the main purpose of this barrier is to prioritize safety. “We’re doing this, let me be clear, not to keep out our neighbors and our community writ large; we are doing it to keep out the bad actors,” he stated. The design for this wall aims to extend the current barriers by approximately 8,000 feet. Once completed, the wall would encompass about 90% of the university’s campus, which would, as President Wilson noted and Fox 5 quoted, “eliminate unfettered access.”

This development comes amid ongoing security enhancements, which the university administration had already initiated before the recent shooting incident. Due to the current circumstances, the pace of these improvements has been sped up. Fox 5 detailed the university’s plans, highlighting:

“University officials said significant security upgrades were underway before the shooting, but they’re now moving forward with more urgency. In addition to the wall, other potential upgrades include installing more metal detectors in campus buildings, exploring weapons detection technology, increasing police patrols and building additional security guard booths. Wilson said the anticipated total cost is more than $22 million.”

Interestingly, while Morgan State University is now focused on building walls to enhance security, it celebrated the removal of a wall in the past. This previous wall had once separated the university’s black students from the neighboring white community. In a report from April, WMAR 2 stated: “The wall separated students from the community and the shopping plaza.” A local business owner reflected on the wall’s removal, saying, “It feels almost like…poetic justice. I feel like the literal and physical wall being put up to prevent Black people from shopping here and thriving here is coming down.”