Hunter Biden Enters Plea In Gun Case (video)

( – In a new episode of Hunter Biden’s deepening legal troubles, the scandalous first son pleaded not guilty to three federal gun charges while giving out “nervous energy,” according to a mainstream media reporter.

On Tuesday, President Joe Biden’s son appeared for an arraignment at a federal courthouse in Wilmington, Delaware, after last month he was indicted by Special Counsel David Weiss over possessing a firearm while using drugs.

The indictment materialized after, in July, a Delaware US judge rejected a probation-only plea deal in which Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to three tax misdemeanors while averting a gun charge.

Weiss has slapped Biden Jr. with two charges over his failure to disclose his drug addiction when buying a gun and another charge over the “unlawful possession of a firearm while addicted to a controlled substance.”

The Hill reports that the Hunter faces up to 10 years in prison and up to $250,000 in fines on the most severe charges.

According to a CBS News reporter, quoted by The Daily Caller, his arrival and exit from the courthouse gave an impression of nervousness.

“This was an extraordinary scene that unfolded in the courthouse behind me, the son of a sitting president facing felony gun charges,” reported CBS Senior Investigative Correspondent Catherine Herridge.

“As Hunter Biden entered the courtroom on the second floor he passed by me, I was no more than about five feet away, and there was a sense of nervous energy, a nervous smile, a sense of real apprehension as we headed into the proceeding,” she elaborated.

The reporter said the arraignment lasted about 20 minutes, with the president’s son entering the plea prepared by his lawyer, Abbe Lowell.

The CBS News correspondent contrasted Hunter Biden’s new courthouse appearance with how he acted on July 26 when he expected his probation-only plea deal to be validated.

“What’s striking to me is that just two months ago, Hunter Biden entered this courthouse with the degree of optimism and a lot of confidence, but as we saw that plea deal collapse, and I was inside that courtroom, what we see now is that the chapter is not closing for Hunter Biden or for his family, or for his father, the president,” Herridge explained.