Jordan Gets Huge Endorsement

( – Donald Trump’s ally, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), seems closer than ever to clinching the speaker job in the House of Representatives after one of his top opponents inside the GOP suddenly changed course and endorsed him.

Last Friday, Jordan, a conservative Republican from Ohio, won the party nomination for House Speaker – though he could not secure the 217 GOP votes needed for his election at the time.

The Republicans hold a narrow 221-212 majority in the House, with two seats vacant. The vote on Jordan’s Speaker candidacy is expected on Tuesday.

The top House position became vacant on October 3, after eight conservative Republicans sided with the Democrats to oust the then-GOP House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), over his compromise budget deals with President Joe Biden and the left.

On Monday, Jordan was endorsed for speaker by a man described as his “biggest critic” – Alabama US Rep. Mike Rogers, the House Armed Services Committee Chairman.

Rogers’ endorsement means that “a path has emerged for Jordan to claim the gavel,” Breitbart News observes in a report.

Previous reports said the Alabama Republican had been organizing Armed Services and Appropriations Committee members to oppose Jordan’s candidacy on the House floor.

According to Breitbart, Rogers had faced much criticism from his constituents in Alabama and other conservatives as he allegedly “preferred working with Democrats to form a unity government over elevating Jordan to the Speakership.”

“Jim Jordan and I have had two cordial, thoughtful, and productive conversations over the past two days. We agreed on the need for Congress to pass a strong NDAA, appropriations to fund our government’s vital functions and other important legislation like the Farm Bill. As a result, I have decided to support Jim Jordan for Speaker of the House on the floor.” Rogers wrote on X Monday.

“Together, our Republican majority will be stronger to fight Joe Biden’s reckless agenda for America,” he elaborated.

“Thank you, Chairman Rogers. Your leadership is just what our Conference needs right now. We must all keep coming together and get back to work,” Jordan wrote on X, replying to Rogers’ posts.

Another GOP lawmaker who has also reportedly changed her mind and will support Jordan for the speakership is Rep. Ann Wagner (R-MO).