Obama Judge Gags Trump

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – In a total affront to free speech, U.S. District Judge Tanya S. Chutkan has issued a partial gag order on President Donald Trump, restricting his comments related to the case stemming from the events of January 6.

Chutkan, an Obama appointee, will allow Trump to comment about the Biden administration and the Department of Justice (DOJ). However, he’s prohibited from issuing remarks that she thinks are “disparaging and inflammatory, or intimidating” concerning special counsel Jack Smith, his staff, witnesses, court personnel, or potential jurors.

Trump’s attorney, John Lauro, voiced concerns about the implications on free speech, especially for someone considered a prominent political figure.

During the hearing, Lauro commented that George Orwell “would be having a field day” with the situation. Chutkan responded that Orwell “definitely” would.

Despite these concerns, Chutkan alleged the need to preserve the justice system’s integrity. She stated, “First Amendment protections yield to the administration of justice and to the protection of witnesses.” She further explained, “His presidential candidacy does not give him carte blanche to vilify … public servants who are simply doing their job.”

Specifically, Trump is barred from using derogatory language towards prosecutors, such as calling them “deranged” or a “thug.” Chutkan noted, “No other defendant would be allowed to do so and I’m not going to allow it in this case.”

Special counsel Jack Smith has charged Trump with four counts, including “Conspiracy to Defraud the United States” and “Conspiracy Against Rights,” among others. The proposed trial date is January 2, 2024, just before the Iowa caucuses.

Reacting to the decision, a Trump spokesperson declared it “an absolute abomination.” The statement continued: “Today’s decision is … another partisan knife stuck in the heart of our Democracy by Crooked Joe Biden, who was granted the right to muzzle his political opponent, the leading candidate for the Presidency in 2024, and the most popular political leader in America, President Donald J. Trump. President Trump will continue to fight for our Constitution, the American people’s right to support him, and to keep our country free of the chains of weaponized and targeted law enforcement.”