VIDEO: Houseboat Inferno On Popular Lake; 25 Victims

( – A terrifying fire completely engulfed a houseboat on Lake Powell, resulting in an inferno that consumed the boat until it sank.

Upwards of two dozen people on board, including an infant, had to jump into the lake as the fire raged.

You can see the video of the fire down further in this post.

According to out of Utah:

“Members of a Utah family are grateful to be alive after their houseboat caught fire at Lake Powell on Wednesday.

“Maddy Tolman said her family was on board for only about 45 minutes when they heard a loud boom.

“‘We heard a big boom! Not knowing what it was, we went to investigate. We found the motor on the houseboat had exploded and caught on fire,’ Tolman said. ‘It was about five to 10 minutes between the explosion and when the boat was engulfed in flames.'”

Other boaters on the lake rushed to aid the 25 individuals who had to jump in the water, many without lifevests, to escape the fast-moving flames.

Here is the video: