ALERT: 5,000 Illegals Headed For US


( – In alarming news for the country, a large caravan, mainly composed of Central Americans and Venezuelans, embarked from southern Mexico toward the United States earlier this week. This movement occurs amidst heightened pressures on the U.S. southern border, according to statements from organizers and officials.

The officials from the southern state of Chiapas reported that approximately 3,500 individuals initiated their journey on foot from Tapachula, situated near the Guatemalan border. However, Irineo Mujica, one of the caravan’s organizers, estimated the group’s size to be around 5,000.

This development presents a challenge for Joe Biden, who is aiming for reelection next year and faces the daunting task of managing the influx of people illegally crossing into the United States from Mexico.

Mujica identified the majority of the caravan’s members as originating from Cuba, El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, and Venezuela. Accompanied by civil protection units and ambulances, the migrants proceeded along a coastal highway near midday, intending to halt for the night in Huehuetan municipality, approximately 16 miles (25 km) north of their starting point.

The decision to leave Tapachula was born out of frustration with the inability to acquire humanitarian visas, Mujica explained. He also mentioned that some migrants volunteered to assist in recovery efforts in the hurricane-stricken port of Acapulco but received no response from the authorities.

The National Migration Institute, a government entity, had not responded to inquiries for comments at the time.

These migrants are mainly escaping poverty and political turmoil in their native countries. This year, particularly, has witnessed record numbers navigating the treacherous Darien Gap, a region linking Panama and Colombia.

Venezuela’s economic crisis has prompted millions to leave the once-affluent oil-producing nation. “In Venezuela things are very tough, we can’t live with the money we get, it’s not enough for us, and that’s why we’re going to the United States,” shared Oscar Gutierrez, a Venezuelan migrant journeying with his wife and two daughters.

Complicating matters further, Tropical Storm Pilar emerged off Central America in the Pacific on the same day, posing a threat of heavy rainfall over parts of southern Mexico and the region.