Americans Send Biden Devastating News

( – In a devastating new poll raising significant question marks about Joe Biden’s political future, the overwhelming majority of Americans have declared he is “too old to run for president.”

The public opinion survey by The Wall Street Journal established that 73% of registered voters nationwide believe Biden’s age was too advanced for him to seek reelection to the White House.

They told the pollster a statement that Biden “is too old to run for president” described him either “very well” or “somewhat well,” The Hill reports.

Only 22% of those polled thought that the 80-year-old president wasn’t “too old,” i.e., they said the above statement described Biden “not well at all” or “not too well.”

Former President Donald Trump, potentially Biden’s most likely rival in the 2024 election, received more favorable responses.

When asked about 77-year-old Trump, only 47% of registered American voters declared he was “too old” to run for president again.

The report notes that Biden responded to concerns about his age during a Philadelphia Labor Day event on Monday morning. He argued that he brought wisdom to his White House job.

“I’ll tell you what, someone said you, know, that Biden he’s getting old, man. The only thing that comes with age is a little bit of wisdom. I’ve been doing this longer than anybody, and guess what? I’m going to continue to do it with your help,” the president asserted.

The Hill points out that numerous public opinion surveys have established that voters constantly worry about Biden’s advanced age.

However, according to former George W. Bush administration official Stewart Verdery, questions about the incumbent president’s age might not be significant if he faces Donald Trump at the polls in 2024.

“If he were likely running against a modern JFK on a sailboat, it might be more of an issue,” Verdery said.

“But as long as his main foil is in Mar-a-Lago, the president’s age may cause swing voters to pause before they still pull the lever for him,” the former Bush official argued.

The Wall Street Journal survey polled 1,200 registered voters nationwide from August 24-30.

The results mentioned above about Biden and Trump’s age came from a sample of 750 voters, with an error margin of 3.6 percentage points.