Biden Is Selling Trump’s WHAT?

( – In a move that is angering millions of American patriots as they learn the news, Joe Biden’s administration is selling parts of former President Donald Trump’s wall that were meant to be used to stop the invasion of illegal aliens swarming across the southern border of the United States of America.

According to an exclusive in the New York Post headlined “Biden quietly sells off border wall parts to thwart GOP push to use them“:

“The Biden administration is quietly auctioning off millions of dollars worth of unused parts from former President Trump’s border wall for peanuts – in an apparent end-run around pending legislation in Congress.

“Since April, GovPlanet, an online auction house specializing in military surplus, has sold 81 lots of steel “square structural tubes” — intended for use as vertical bollards in the border barrier’s 30-foot-tall panels — hauling in about $2 million.

“On Tuesday, GovPlanet netted $154,200 for 729 of the 28-foot-tall hollow beams, sold in five separate lots for an average $212 apiece.

Thirteen more lots are set to be auctioned on Aug. 23 and Aug. 30.” [emphasis added]

Several elected Republicans have blasted the administration for the sale of the parts.

“‘Leaving the border open to terrorists while selling border security materials at a loss is Bidenomics in a nutshell,’ said Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.)…

“‘The pennies made from selling the border wall will not be enough to pay the families who suffer from a criminal act committed by someone who crossed our open borders during the Biden administration,’ railed Oklahoma Sen. James Lankford.” [emphasis added]

To read the full report by the New York Post, click HERE.

This is an outrageous development that Biden has tried to keep secret. The Last Patriot News will stay vigilant and monitor any further developments about this action by Biden.