Black NFL Star Slams Biden; Endorses Trump

( – With a move that is certain to please Donald Trump and his supporters as he seeks to retake the White House from Joe Biden, a former NFL star player slammed Biden and gave his endorsement to Trump.

Specifically, according to an exclusive running in the Daily Caller, Utah’s Republican Representative, Burgess Owens, shared his 2024 presidential endorsement with the Daily Caller.

Owens, a Black athlete who played ten seasons in the NFL with the Jets and Raiders, told the Daily Caller:

“Donald Trump delivered record-breaking growth to all communities. As a child born in the segregated South, I witnessed Donald Trump help the black community more than any president in my lifetime. Record growth for black business owners, then to answer this, the Democrats nominated the last segregationist in American politics, Joe Biden. Biden declared to the world if you don’t support him, ‘you ain’t black,’ well, once again, I don’t support him. I’m proud to support Donald Trump in 2024, and I pray he gets the opportunity to finish the record growth he started. We need his boldness to reverse the damage Joe Biden has done before it’s too late.”

Previously, Owens had praised Trump for emphasizing true American principles.

He told the Daily Caller in February 2020, “What our country is all about, what our conservatism is all about, what our American way is all about, is Head, Heart, Hands, and Home. Head being education, Heart being God, Hands being industry and the free market, and Home being family.”

Additionally, the Daily Caller notes that Owens is not the only Utah official backing Trump this August. Riverton, Utah’s Mayor Trent Staggs, who is challenging Sen. Mitt Romney for his seat, voiced his support for Trump on Aug. 3 and criticized President Joe Biden’s tenure.