Bombshell: Hamas and Chemical Weapons (video)

( – Providing alarming evidence that the threat to US ally Israel is escalating, the Israeli military has found that a Hamas terrorist killed during the recent invasion of the Jewish State carried instructions for a chemical weapons attack.

On October 7, thousands of Palestinian Arab terrorists from the Hamas and Islamic Jihad groups successfully stormed the border of Southern Israel, massacring over 1,400 civilians, among them 30 Americans.

When inspecting the dead body of one of the 1,500 terrorists it killed when countering the invasion, the Israeli Defense Force discovered a USB drive with instructions for creating a “cyanide dispersion device,” according to a report by Axios.

The discovery was confirmed by Israeli President Isaac Herzog in an interview with UK-based TV channel Sky News, as cited by Newsmax.

“This is how shocking the situation is where we’re looking at the instructions that are given on how to operate and how to create a kind of non-professional chemical weapon with cyanide,” Herzog said.

During his interview with Sky, Herzog displayed printed versions of the files from the USB, claiming it showed connection to al-Qaeda, the Islamist terrorist network that perpetrated the 9/11 terror attacks in the United States.

“It’s al Qaeda material. Official al-Qaeda material. We are dealing with ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hamas,” the Israeli president said.

Sky notes that the source of the instructions “is a known 2003 al-Qaeda manual, however this doesn’t prove a link between” Hamas and al-Qaeda.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry’s department for preventing the spread of weapons of mass destruction sent out a message to their embassies worldwide titled: “Hamas intention of using chemical weapons.”

While the authenticity of the Hamas file found on the USB hasn’t been independently verified by Axios or Sky News, the news outlets note its alleged content raises questions about Hamas’ intentions and capabilities regarding makeshift chemical weapons.

“On the capabilities that you ask about, the chemicals … we are still looking for evidence about whether they had it or not,” Michael Edelstein, a major general in the Israeli Defence Forces, told Sky about Herzog’s comments.

“But the orders were there, as our President Herzog mentioned yesterday, orders were there on how to kill, how many to kill, how many to take as hostages,” he added.