BREAKING VIDEO: Eco-Terrorists Attack Symbol of Freedom

( – Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate, a global symbol of freedom, was attacked with orange paint on Sunday morning in an outrageous action by German eco-terrorists demanding more decisive measures against climate change.

You can watch a video of what occurred further down this post.

When the Revolutions of 1989 occurred at the end of the Cold War, and the Berlin Wall was finally demolished, the Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of freedom for people oppressed by communism worldwide.

Using fire extinguishers filled with paint, members from the group known as the Last Generation targeted all six columns of the iconic German monument.

Among their demands, they are calling for Germany to cease all fossil fuel consumption by 2030. Additionally, they suggest immediate actions, such as instituting a general speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour (62 mph) on highways, to reduce emissions faster.

“The protest makes it clear: It is time for a political change,” declared the group in an official statement. “Away from fossil fuels – towards fairness.”

In response, local authorities sealed off the vicinity of the Brandenburg Gate. It was later confirmed that 14 activists from the Last Generation were taken into custody.

Notorious for their protest method of gluing themselves to roads to obstruct traffic, the Last Generation often stirs controversy in German political and social spheres.

Berlin’s Mayor, Kai Wegner, criticized the group’s recent activity, asserting that such methods surpass acceptable protest norms. He told the German news agency DPA, “With these actions, this group is not only damaging the historic Brandenburg Gate, but also our free discourse about the important issues of our time and future.”

Here is the video: