GOP to Biden: Ban THIS!


( – Expressing growing alarm over an apparent surge of anti-Israel content, Republican lawmakers are demanding that the Biden administration bans TikTok, citing concerns about its secretive algorithms that seem to favor anti-Israel videos over pro-Israel ones. For instance, the phrase “stand with Palestine” has garnered nearly 3 billion views, while “stand with Israel” reached just over 200 million, showing a stark contrast in visibility.

Notably, TikTok’s internal data reveals a similar trend in the U.S., with the hashtag #StandwithPalestine outnumbering #StandwithIsrael posts. This discrepancy has caught the attention of prominent Republican figures like Senators Marsha Blackburn, Marco Rubio, and Representative Mike Gallagher. They suggest TikTok may be used by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) as a tool for espionage and propaganda, potentially destabilizing regions like the Middle East to divert U.S. focus and resources.

Blackburn articulated concerns that TikTok might be promoting pro-Hamas content to align with China’s geopolitical interests. She asserts that the U.S. must ban the app due to its potential to spy on and steal from American users. The issue gained traction as pro-Palestinian content surged on TikTok, primarily popular among Gen Z and millennials.

Jeff Morris Jr., a venture fund managing partner, highlighted that Israel and its allies are seemingly losing the information war to younger audiences on TikTok. His research suggests TikTok’s algorithm may be amplifying pro-Palestine viewpoints.

Rep. Gallagher, chair of the House Select Committee on China, raised concerns about TikTok’s role in disseminating disinformation and pro-Hamas propaganda, emphasizing the difficulty distinguishing between organic trends and possible CCP-backed influence.

Rubio has long warned of China’s capability to manipulate American perceptions through TikTok, citing the app’s previous use in downplaying sensitive issues like the Uyghur genocide and Taiwan’s status. FBI Director Christopher Wray has acknowledged the potential for such influence without obvious indicators.

TikTok, however, has refuted these claims, stating that their content is community-generated and not influenced by any government. The company emphasizes its commitment to removing bot networks and combating misinformation, including sponsoring anti-hate events.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr supports a nationwide TikTok ban, citing China’s history of using the platform for foreign influence campaigns. He notes that TikTok users are more likely to encounter content favorable to the CCP compared to other social media platforms.