Judge Blocks Abortion Law

(TheLastPatriotNews.com) – A federal court in Colorado has dealt a loss to pro-life advocates, as it blocked a state law restricting a Catholic health clinic from administering progesterone to reverse medically induced abortions.

U.S. District Judge Daniel D. Domenico, who was appointed during President Trump’s tenure, halted the enforcement of this state law. He believed the law impeded the clinic’s right to “free exercise of religion.”

Judge Domenico’s reasoning revolved around the clinic’s principles. Bella Health and Wellness, the clinic in question, perceives it as a religious duty to aid pregnant women, especially if they wish to halt or reverse an ongoing abortion procedure.

Progesterone, the drug at the heart of this controversy, can negate the effects of mifepristone – a drug used in medication-based abortions. Besides its potential to counteract mifepristone, progesterone is typically administered to women who face a threat of miscarriage. This was brought to light by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty in their press release.

However, the law in Colorado, which was put in place in April, labeled the administration of progesterone to reverse mifepristone’s effects as “unprofessional conduct.” The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists expressed skepticism about this treatment, articulating their stance that the procedure “is not based on science and [does] not meet clinical standards,” as reported by The Associated Press.

The repercussions of Colorado’s law were serious for pro-life clinics, such as Bella Health and Wellness, which operates in both Denver and Englewood. Rebekah Ricketts, a legal representative from Becket, emphasized the state’s attempt to criminalize the life-affirming actions of medical professionals. She celebrated the ruling, saying, “This ruling ensures that pregnant women across the state will receive the care they deserve and won’t be forced to have abortions against their will.”

Dede Chism and Abby Sinnett, the founders of Bella Health and Wellness, expressed their gratitude, highlighting their commitment to assisting women seeking their services.

Judge Domenico further detailed his concerns, mentioning the law’s potential ramifications. The state’s medical boards, under the law’s Section Three, could have pursued legal action against anyone attempting a medication abortion reversal in Colorado.

The judge decisively stated, “There is no question whether Section Three burdens Bella Health’s free exercise of religion. It does.”

The state now has a window of 30 days to challenge Judge Domenico’s decision. However, when approached for a comment, Lawrence Pacheco, representing the Colorado Attorney General’s office, refrained from commenting on the ongoing case.