PROOF: Grocery Costs Continue to Skyrocket Under Biden/Harris

( – Alarming new government data provides further proof of the hopelessness of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris’s economic policies as it has revealed that grocery prices have skyrocketed by nearly 20% since the Democrat team took over the White House.

According to the latest figures from the US Department of Labor released on Wednesday, food-at-home prices have skyrocketed by 19.6% between January 2021 and August 2023 in the 2.5 years since Biden occupied the White House.

“The cumulative effect [from Bidenflation] has been devastating for the budgets of many households,” Breitbart News comments in a report.

Thus, according to the Labor Department’s data, grocery prices went up for the second month in a row in August. They increased by 0.2% on a monthly basis after going up 0.3% in July.

The new Labor Department data shows the price index for “meats, poultry, fish, and eggs” saw a 0.8% increase on a monthly basis in August.

The price of pork alone climbed 2.2%, while the index for other groceries saw a 0.2% raise compared with July 2023.

Meanwhile, the index for cereals and bakery products shows their prices in August spiked by 6% compared with the same month last year and increased by 0.5% compared with July 2023.

The August data also shows that frozen pies, tarts, and other frozen bakery products became 1.8% more expensive than the preceding month.

Ice cream prices notably went down last month by 0.7%, but they were still 4.3% higher compared with August 2022.

Dairy products also grew pricier in August, with a 0.4% increase month-on-month, after growing by 0.5% in July.

Even though the price index for fruits and vegetables was lower in August for nearly all subcategories, the cost of almost all fruits and vegetables was higher than a year earlier. The only exceptions that have become cheaper were tomatoes and citrus.

Besides grocery prices, dining out also got more expensive in August. Thus, the “food away from home” index climbed 0.3%, with fast food meals growing by the same percentage and full-service restaurant prices rising 0.2%.

Compared with August 2022, food prices away from home were 6.5% higher, including a 6.7% spike in fast food meals and a 5.3% growth at full-service restaurants.

“Food prices have been on an almost relentless rise since Biden took office, with food inflation becoming a constant feature of the American economy,” the report notes.

It adds there are no indications they could return to their “pre-Biden levels” – as they appear to be on a trajectory of constant monthly growth.