They Used ‘Poor Man’s Cocaine’?!

( – A shocking revelation has just made the recent terrorist attack against US ally Israel even more sickening as the Israeli military has disclosed that the terrorists from the Palestinian Islamist group Hamas who invaded it were drugged with a substance known as the “poor man’s cocaine.”

In a surprise attack on October 7, thousands of Hamas and Islamic Jihad fighters stormed Southern Israel from the Gaza Strip, sadistically butchering over 1,400 people, including 30 Americans.

When inspecting some of the 1,500 Hamas fighters it killed and others it captured, the Israeli military found they possessed Captagon pills, Israel’s Channel 12 reports, as cited by Newsmax.

Captagon is a synthetic amphetamine-type stimulant colloquially known as the “poor man’s cocaine.”

It has a long history of use by Arab countries’ militaries or Islamist terrorist groups, such as the Islamic State (ISIS). During the Cold War, much of it was supplied to Arab countries by the former Soviet Bloc.

The report by Channel 12 revealed that these Hamas terrorists had ingested Captagon before carrying out what were described as “inhumane murders.”

Originally developed in Germany during the 1960s as a stimulant for conditions like attention-deficit disorders and narcolepsy, Captagon was eventually phased out from medical use, The New York Post notes in a report.

However, an unauthorized version of the drug continued to be produced, initially in Eastern Europe and later in Arab regions.

It became particularly prominent during the Syrian Civil War following anti-government protests in 2011.

The Post points out that the current illicit form of Captagon, sometimes called “the drug of jihad,” is relatively inexpensive, selling for a dollar or two per pill. It’s believed to be a combination of fenethylline, caffeine, and various other fillers.

The Jerusalem Post reported in 2015 that members of ISIS had used this potent stimulant to suppress fear during their attacks.

Syria has emerged as the primary producer of this illicit drug, with its trade providing a significant source of revenue for the Assad regime, generating billions of dollars annually, according to the UK Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office.

“The Syrian regime’s trafficking of billions of dollars’ worth of Captagon has contributed to the proliferation of violence across the region; reports of Hamas terrorists’ use of the drug only add to the turmoil,” comments David Adesnik from the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies in Washington.