This Democrat City Is the ‘Land of Milk and Fentanyl’

( – Progressivist Democrats have turned Oakland, California, into the “land of milk and fentanyl,” with devastating homelessness and lawlessness making the city “unlivable,” a report informs.

Oakland, a once prosperous city of nearly half a million people, has evolved into a place of “open-air drug markets, narcotic tourism, rampant theft, and lax camping regulation,” Fox News reports, as cited by The New York Post.

“Oakland and San Francisco have become the promised land of milk and fentanyl, and people are coming here,” according to Seneca Scott, founder of Neighbors Together Oakland.

“People who are homeless in Oakland now typically are not from here. They’re drug tourists,” he added.

The local activist said those frequent an actual “open-air drug market” called “Fentanyl Island,” located between 7th St. and Brush St. in West Oakland.

“They’re coming here for the safe and easy access to their drug of choice and the ability to also steal to support those habits because there’s no rule of law,” Scott explained.

According to official local government data, Oakland’s homeless population reached 5,000 in 2022, more than double compared with 2015, while its entire Alameda County numbers 9,700 living in the streets.

“Our homeless crisis has helped deteriorate our property value. If you combine that with the eviction moratorium and other government policies, we have a situation now where the property values of people are plummeting,” the Neighbors Together Oakland founder stressed.

“A big part of Oakland’s homeless crisis are open-air drug markets and our permissiveness of RV parking and basically anything goes for selling drugs. It’s created unlivable situations,” he elaborated.

A recent poll of 1,270 Oakland residents found that 36% thought homelessness was the city’s most pressing problem, while 63% didn’t approve of the city government’s job performance.

The report notes that while Oakland has an excellent climate and skilled workers, investors have fled the city.

“You have a situation of homelessness that’s exploded. It’s creating a very untenable situation when it comes to our ability to have a healthy and thriving business community,” Scott said.

“We have people who would love to invest in Oakland. But as long as… our neo-progressive are in charge, who seem hell-bent on this policy, no one is going to come here,” he concluded.