VIDEO: Gingrich Reveals Trump Indictment Bombshell

( – Former United States House of Representatives Speaker Newt Gingrich has made a bombshell revelation about Donald Trump’s latest Democrat-led indictment: Someone in Washington pressured the Atlanta DA to make it happen on Monday as part of a cover-up.

You can watch the video of Gingrich revealing what he was told at the conclusion of this post.

Late Monday evening, a Georgia grand jury, acting at the behest of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, criminally indicted Trump and 18 others with racketeering and conspiracy charges.

In another scandalous development, a document containing the exact charges against the former president was uploaded to the Fulton County courthouse website hours earlier and was removed quickly without explanation.

“I am told by a reliable source that Friday evening somebody from Washington called the district attorney in Atlanta and said, ‘You have to indict on Monday,’” Gingrich told Charlie Kirk, the Turning Point USA founder, in a Thursday morning interview.

According to the former GOP Speaker, Willis was pushed to go ahead with the fourth Democrat-led Trump indictment in order to distract the public from the Biden Justice Department’s mistakes and ultimate failure to secure a no-prison plea deal for First Son Hunter Biden.

A Newsmax report stresses Gingrich’s conclusion that the alleged call to the Atlanta DA came after Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland “was effectively forced to… grant US District Attorney David Weiss in Delaware special counsel authority for investigating Hunter Biden.”

“‘We have to cover up all the mistakes we just made with Weiss,’” the former speaker quoted the unknown DC voice as telling Willis as he retold the alleged conversation:

“And she said, apparently, ‘My jurors aren’t coming back until Tuesday.’

“They said, ‘You didn’t hear me: You have to indict on Monday.’

“And she said, ‘Well, they’re not going to get here before noon.’”

“‘It doesn’t matter: We need the news media shifting off of Weiss,’” he added, quoting what he was told was said.

At that point, interviewer Charlie Kirk noted that this would explain the “accidental” leaking online of the grand jury docket hours before the jury supposedly made its decision. He added that would also explain the late-night press conference that the Fulton County DA saw herself forced to give at 11 p.m.

Gingrich noted that the shocking revelations about the pressure on Willis were “hearsay” but that the hearsay came “from a person who has remarkably good sources.”

Here is the video of Gingrich: